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Tollendale Village

A Christian Retirement Community
274 Hurst Drive
Barrie ON, L4N 0Z3
(705) 722-0469


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waiting list questions

How do I have my name added to the waiting list?

Please request a Waiting List Application Form from the Tollendale Village Administration Office, or apply online or download it here. Please note that applications must be signed by the applicants and not other family members or friends.

How soon will I be expected to take possession of a suite when one comes available?

Once you have decided to reserve a suite that has come available, you will be given a latest date as to when you would become responsible for the apartment. This time frame is typically a 60 day time frame from the date of reserving the suite.

We are not able to reserve a suite upon condition of selling a home. However, it may be possible to arrange to rent for a period of time before your home has sold.

How long can I expect to wait for a suite to come available?

Unfortunately this is not a question we can easily answer. Presently we have a lengthy waiting list. We are unable to determine when suites will be coming available and therefore cannot give an actual time frame.

If you are interested in moving into Tollendale Village we suggest that you have your name added to the waiting list. As well, please keep in mind that the more specific you are with the suite you are interested in, the longer your wait will most likely be.

If I do not reserve the suite that has come available does my name drop to the bottom on the list?

When completing the application form you will have a choice of setting your status to either "Active" or "Inactive". If you choose "Active" this means that you want us to call you now if a suite come available that meets your criteria and you would be prepared to move in within very short notice. If you choose "Inactive" this means you are interested in moving to Tollendale Village at some point but not in the immediate future. When you do change your status to "Active", your placement on the waiting list will be based on the date you first submitted your original application form. Please note that the onus is on you to change your status from "Inactive" to "Active" when you are ready to accept calls from us. If we approach you twice with an available suite that meets your specified criteria, when you are on the "Active List" and you decline twice; you will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.