tollendale village

Tollendale Village

A Christian Retirement Community
274 Hurst Drive
Barrie ON, L4N 0Z3
(705) 722-0469


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upgrades permitted

All requests for upgrades and alterations must be confirmed in writing for approval. All upgrades and alterations will be at the resident's expense. (ie: Non-Refundable).

light fixtures

Resident may replace existing fixtures with own light fixtures. Fixtures will remain property of the resident.


Residents are responsible to supply and maintain their own appliances in the Life Lease suites.
Standard fridge and stove are provided in the rental suites.


If desired must be provided by the resident.
Maintenance will be the resident's responsibility.
(Dishwasher will become property of Tollendale Village.)


Residents may make modifications, at residents expense, such as pull-out shelves, and lazy susan, closet organizers and medicine cabinets to washrooms etc


Closet doors may be upgraded to include mirrors etc. Closet organizers and shelves can be added by the resident.


Residents may choose to arrange to have their suites painted colours according to their personal taste at the resident’s expense.


Is permitted but must be removed, at resident's expense, when the unit is vacated.


Carpet or laminate/hardwood flooring is permitted in ground floor units only.

damage clause

The resident is responsible for the replacement, cleaning, repair, maintenance and upgrading of all appliances and all finishes, including but not limited to all paint, and any other improvements and betterments. Any damage either to poor workmanship, and/or collateral due to any improvement may result in a charge to the responsible Resident.