tollendale village

Tollendale Village

A Christian Retirement Community
274 Hurst Drive
Barrie ON, L4N 0Z3
(705) 722-0469


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our vision, mission, and values

Tollendale Village

paintingAll programs offered will be oriented toward enhancing the resident’s independence and self-reliance within a Christian environment that respects the individual’s need for privacy and fosters interactions between family, friends, other residents, and the broader community.


To provide self reliant seniors with a residential setting and the opportunity to participate in community life in an environment that is guided by Christian values and principles.


To provide facilities and programs that are oriented towards enhancing the residents’ independence and self-reliance within a Christian environment that both respects the individual’s need for privacy and yet also provides an opportunity for communal interaction.

Then as residents begin to lose their self-reliance help direct them to resources that are available on site or can be accessed within the broader community.


our motivation

Our motivation is in reflecting and modeling the love and compassion of God for persons regardless of sex, race, color, ethnicity or age. We will treat each person with dignity and respect.

our guide

As an organization our Christian values will guide our philosophy and decisions.

our attitude

We encourage the development of a friendly, helpful, accepting and caring attitude among residents, staff and members of the society.

We believe that in matters of Christian lifestyle and practice there may be genuinely held different viewpoints; we encourage a non-discriminatory attitude.

We strive to be good stewards of our resources.

our approach

We seek to build community amongst the residents by fostering activities that lessen loneliness and isolation.

While residents are independent and will have their individual community connections as an organization and residential community, we recognize that we are a part of the larger community, and seek to be a model and example of Christian care.

Board, staff and all in leadership, paid or unpaid, will acknowledge the faith statement and commit to the values of the organization. Resident activities will foster the well-being of body, mind and spirit.

We seek to assist the residents in developing their spiritual and religious values and practices by promoting and encouraging an ongoing relationship with a local faith community, and by providing a non-denominational spiritual care program.

We encourage persons from different denominations to apply for residency. We encourage ongoing dialogue amongst residents regarding matters of faith, lifestyle and the common purpose of living as Christians. We embrace the understanding that in sharing we enhance our own religious values and spirituality.